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Our latest materials show how we build sanitization plants and which pioneering technology we’re currently working on in the field of bioethanol.

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Product Portfolio

This 8-page leaflet provides the quickest overview of our entire product range at Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik.

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Bioethanol plants

With half a century worth of experience in producing industrial alcohol from natural resources, it is no surprise that planning, construction, layout and commissioning of bioethanol plants have become second nature for us.

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EthaTec is our very own plant, which continuously produces industrial ethanol right here on our own company premises in Weselberg.

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Distillation plants

A picture’s worth a thousand words – a brochure full of images can tell entire stories.

Learn more about our engineering process behind the world’s finest distillation plants.

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Treating biological waste with the aim of killing pathogens and eliminating harmful microbes is an important step of any plant.

Learn more about this process in our sanitization brochure.


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New flavor distillation plant

Mild and aromatic spirits are the end product of the processes of our flavor distillation plant. They can even be further refined with one of our rectification columns.

The fermented mash is processed with a continuous vacuum distillation, which excels thanks to economical and energetic optimization.

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