Even though Reiner Schmitt GmbH Distillation Technology is clearly focused on Distillation and the assembly of distilleries, we have accumulated a large service portfolio over several decades.

Reiner Schmitt GmbH has developed a great production depth over the years. With 2 bays inside our company hangar, equipped with cranes and a special production pit, our possibilities for manufacturing are almost endless.

The hangar layout is exactly matched to our needs and has been optimized to cover all necessary production areas. For example we’ve separated prefabrication and final assembly, as well as black steel and stainless steel.

Our Services

Among our large portfolio of services you’ll find sheet metal forming, which is invaluable for tank and apparatus building.

Our main task here is cutting metal sheets to size, to ensure a perfect fit in further processes, as well as reshaping, for example by sinking, bending, drilling or turning, to create individual shapes.

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We also offer assembly on site, both domestically and internationally. Whether simple setup, welding work or complex piping, our experts work quickly, efficiently, and with competence.

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Problems with plant layout? No problem, our project planning team will take it from here! Thanks to 3D visualizations and planning software, we can create the perfect plant layout down to the last detail – even in existing buildings – before starting your project.

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If our company was a band, quality would be the lead singer. That’s why all of our welding personnel must pass international qualifications and receive proper training and certification. We’ve also been DIN audited and certified in multiple areas.

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Our Trumpf TruLaser 3030 takes care of lasered parts in all shapes, sheet thicknesses, and sizes. With this machine we’re able to cut various materials with the highest precision and engrave custom patterns – we look forward to your request.

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Profile steel is one of the most important construction materials, and indispensable for manufacturing lasered parts. Instead of just manufacturing our own parts and components in this area, we also offer contract manufacturing.

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As you can see, our choice of services leaves nothing to be desired. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, why not just ask us – helping you in a 1-on-1 conversation is our favorite, anyway!