Profile Steel Forming

Profile steel is a material sub-group of steel, but the word is also used to describe steel beams, which are singular, bar-shaped construction parts, made of profile steel.

What’s remarkable about profile steel is its fixed, defined shape, which is created through rolling, pulling and pressing.

The cross section of a profile steel part must remain constant along the entire length of the structural element and in most cases corresponds to a DIN standard, to guarantee unproblematic exchange and replacement of parts in construction projects.

In this case the construction element itself, as well as its cross section are called steel profile. When combining profiles into single units, welding and screw joints are the most commonly used techniques, but today most cross sections are initially formed through hot rolling.

Both ends of the steel profile are called flanges, the perpendicular central part is called cross piece.

This production area is indispensable for heat exchanger production, which is why we use a diverse mix of machines here.

When cutting parts to size, we utilize both a hacksaw and a band saw, with which we can cut pipes and profiles of up to 200 and 280 mm in diameter, respectively.

For transformation and reshaping we use a profile bending machine and a tube bending machine, all details available upon request.

We not only manufacture our own parts made of steel, we also offer contract manufacturing for individual requests.

If you have any questions or requests, please just shoot us a quick email via our contact form.

Cutting to Size

Pipes and profiles up to Ø200 mm

Band saw
Pipes and profiles up to Ø280 mm


Profile bending machine
Details upon request

Tube bending machine
Details upon request

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