Do you know the secret behind many of the world’s surviving animal species, which any company should borrow from mother nature?

Here’s a picture puzzle:


(Bildquelle: Blogspot)


Against all odds, the bird pictured above, the Egyptian plover, does not have to fear for its life. To the contrary.

He’s a more than welcome guest inside the abyss of the Nile crocodile’s throat, because he frees the predator’s teeth of food residues, bacteria and dirt. In exchange for his services, our feathery friend may then leave singing, tweeting and of course, unharmed.

Our partnerships have always led to similar win-win situations, better yet, they’re usually created in comfy chairs among friends, instead of the lion’s den (or rather the crocodile’s mouth).

You can find a selection of our current partnerships below.

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Fachhochschule Pirmasens

Together with the FH Pirmasens we’ve developed an energy saving procedure for continuous production of tasteless drinking spirit from raw alcohol made from various raw materials.

Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens

Besides our cooperation at the large-scale project „Energiepark Winzeln“ (Energy park Winzeln), the PFI helped us with the developments of several parts of EthaTec GmbH.