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I remember seeing Joschka Fischer on TV in his trainers, showing up to give his oath as the new minister of environment and thinking „My god, how embarrassing!“

„What a hippie!“

„Totally. Not. Cool.“

That’s how most people reacted. Today those very trainers are a symbol of revolution, a symbol of progress, and can be found in a museum in Offenbach.

Over 30 years later the topics and environmental threats Fischer warned us about, wagging a finger, have become urgent and real.

Global warming, fossil fuels getting tight, and constant worry about the energy sources of the future are for sure among the biggest challenges mankind faces in the 21st century.

Not only in the US and Brazil, but also inside the EU and Eastern Europe, the demand for regenerating, renewable energy sources constantly soars and increases year after year.

Political conditions for renewable resources have improved too, especially within the European Union.

Until 2020 the share of renewable energies is supposed to increase to 20% of the total fossil fuel energy demand. More incentives both on a European and national level can be expected.

Biogas & Sanitization Unit since 2011

We at Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik move with the times, and started building our own department specializing in biogas & sanitization as soon as 2011.

The residue of ethanol production, the so-called slop, can be used as animal feed (with limitations) or as substrate for biogas plants, thanks to our very own conditioning mechanism, built in house.

Bioenergy is an area of interest to us, which keeps growing, especially due to the shifts in the energy sector.

With a few decades worth of experience building tanks and heat exchangers, we’re the right partner for you to chat with regarding these as well.

Our research & development unit covers the entire energetic balancing and constructive layout of sanitization units, thanks to long-standing expertise and custom software.

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All of our project plans use 3D simulation software to develop and design our plants, to make sure the layout on site uses space as best as possible, this case is no exemption.

That’s how we’re able to consider customer requests and special constructions, such as sanitization containers, and make them a reality.

If you have questions about biogas plants, sanitization tanks and systems, or Joschka Fischer’s trainers, just give us a call.