Electrical Engineering

Have you ever bought a TV without a remote?

Me neither!

That’s why we develop the entire plant control system and software for the plants we construct and manufacture ourselves, so we can deliver a complete package to your doorstep.

This not only prevents complicated integration procedures and a long back and forth between several manufacturers and parties, but also allows us to offer a very customer-oriented service: remote maintenance of your plant.

Our in house electrical engineering unit develops and builds plant control systems, which are exactly mapped to your plant.

To ensure permanent access and an easy overview of all important parameters and operating values, we install plant controls right inside the control cabinets of the according plant parts and units during assembly.

You’ll find all essential parameters and factors on easy-to-use touch panels right on the plant. To make this as intuitive as possible, we use a visual representation of the plant itself, which makes material flows easy to understand and consequences instantly visible.

Furthermore, we install a central master control unit on all PCs inside the control room, from where you can keep an eye on the whole plant and control all variables.

We use a visual representation of the plant here as well.


Elektrotechnik in der Leitwarte

Since we create each plant control software package on an individual client basis, we can fulfill your requirements down to the last detail and match your control unit exactly to the specific demands of your plant.

Our holistic approach finally leads to our exclusive customer service: remote plant maintenance.

Since plant control software is created in house, our experts in process engineering and electrical engineering can easily access all of your plant’s parameters and values, if necessary.

This not only allows us to give you recommendations as to which actions to take next and explain behavioral patterns of plant processes, but also to directly take control of plant maintenance for you in case of an emergency.

Therefore, reaction times during plant malfunctions are kept to a minimum, operating conditions are guaranteed to remain optimal and production capacity of your plant is maxed out.

Do you have questions about our control systems and technology, or would like to talk to our electrical engineering unit?

Sure, here’s the direct link to us.