Special Constructions

Some shoes just don’t fit in any closet. The same holds true for complex constructions, services and products, which aren’t needed very often, but are indispensable for certain projects.

During the construction and assembly of several dozen distillery plants, spanning multiple decades, we at Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik have used a broad variety of special constructions.

Among these are for example our special container interior design, to allow protection of crucial distillery plant or biogas plant components from external factors, as well as limit access to authorized personnel.

Moreover, our containers are portable, and can therefore be used quickly and in a targeted manner, wherever they’re needed the most.

One of our specialties and often requested special constructions is our filling funnel, which we love to manufacture together with our tanks under one roof, to make sure filling works smoothly.

Various separator systems and machines are part of our portfolio as well, such as gluten separators (so-called curved screens). Curved screens are an important part of such big plants and have difficult requirements for both construction and manufacturing.

Dwell times for mash and slop in their tanks are often quite long, which makes it important to keep the mass in motion.

For this reason we also produce mixers and mixing tanks, which are engineered specifically for whichever volume is needed to max out production capacity of your plant.

Thanks to our long-standing expertise, the list of available special constructions is long and comprehensive, here are some more examples:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Mills
  • Feeding systems
  • Control cabinets
  • Water tanks
  • Sewage water systems
  • Water supply systems

Our high production depth and broad spectrum of services allows us to consider the specific requirements of your project at all times.
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We offer tailor-made solutions.

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