With over 50 years of experience in the area of distillery technology, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient distillery plants.

Distillery plants, which have been designed, engineered, manufactured and constructed on our premises, are able to produce industrial alcohol, potable alcohol and bioethanol of the highest possible standards, including the Russian GOST standards and higher.

On a production area spanning more than 3,300 m² we engineer complete distillery technology solutions, thanks to our highly qualified professionals working together as one big team.

We use the latest technology in all of our production areas, such as welding, sheet metal forming and laser parts manufacturing.

Our customers ask us to build entire plants, as well as individual parts and components, such as steam columns, mash tanks, heat exchangers and water supply systems.

Our History

The company’s origin dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when Michael Schmitt opened his own blacksmith’s shop some time before 1870.

Since 1897 led by his son Rudolf Schmitt as master smith, his grandson Eugen Schmitt then started to offer carriage building and automotive services, next to forging and blacksmith work, in 1933.

1952 marks the first year in which the company produces distillery components and steam boilers, still under Eugen Schmitt’s lead. In 1976 his son, Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Reiner Schmitt, takes the reigns of the family business and now manages it in its fourth generation.

By now the 2005 originated Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik has long advanced to one of the world’s leading and most recognized manufacturers and full-service providers of distillery plants and individual components for thermal process engineering, thanks to its managing directors Reiner Schmitt and Anton Lutz.

Historie Reiner Schmitt

Our Products and Services

Over the course of the long years we’ve been in business, our company has built extensive experience in the following areas:

Welding and laser parts
Sheet metal and profile steel forming
Pressure tank and apparatus building
Industrial assembly and project planning
Water supply and sewage disposal systems
Special constructions, such as cooling towers, mixers, filling funnels and even gluten separators

That’s why we’re able to offer you a wide selection of products and services today.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem, just contact us and we’ll get in touch with you to personally discuss how we can be of service.

Your Contacts

Reiner Schmitt
Managing Director / CEO

Carsten Hussong
Assistant to the Executive Board
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
International Welding Engineer

Why us?

A strong environmental awareness shows in our production of biogas and sanitization systems, which are equipped with our very own electrotechnology, built in house.

Sustainable production on our very own premises

In order to demonstrate what we do best – successful development, construction, manufacturing and assembly of distillery plants for the production of industrial alcohol and bioethanol at scale – we took on project EthaTec in 2011.

This is where our long-standing expertise in distillery plant manufacturing shows best.

Since April 2012, we turn food waste into industrial ethanol, electric power, natural gas, heat and fertilizer in a sustainable, closed resource cycle, on our company premises.

Want to know more about EthaTec?

We’d love to show you around. For a tour of our live, operating production plant and a demonstration of the technology it uses, don’t hesitate and contact us today.