The Schmitt corporate group consists of 4 producing companies:

  1. Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik
  2. Eugen Schmitt GmbH
  3. EthaTec GmbH
  4. Weselberger Metallbau GmbH

You can find more details about all companies here:

Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik Logo

Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik

Since 2006 Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik has been the heart and soul of the corporate group. Everything worth knowing about the core of our work can be found under company.

Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik Logo

Eugen Schmitt GmbH

Ever since 1978 our family business has operated under this name, which now mainly manufactures steam boilers as well as distillery parts and technology for our ethanol plants.

This even includes our very own electrical engineering unit, which creates and codes all parts and software for the control units and modules of our plants in-house.



EthaTec GmbH

EthaTec GmbH is the youngest member of our company family and embodies our very own production of industrial alcohol, utilizing food waste.

After mashing and fermentation, the food waste is turned into high-quality industrial alcohol (99.8% ethanol), using pressure and steam to aid the process.

The fermentation residue, the so-called slop, is then transferred to a biogas plant, to produce natural gas as well as fertilizer. The former is also used internally in our cogeneration unit, allowing us to produce our own electricity and additional heat.

The power is distributed via the grid, the heat, which is usually wasted, can be used in the heating process of our alcohol production.

Visit EthaTec’s website >>


Weselberger Metallbau GmbH

The main focus area of Weselberger Metallbau GmbH, founded in 1999, is the ancillary building trade industry. All assembly work is done here, mainly using our own workforce.

We help constructing buildings all over Germany and Western Europe. We’re particularly skilled in industrial construction, DIY stores, grocery stores and office buildings.

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All of our companies have their headquarters in 66919 Weselberg, Germany, near Kaiserslautern in Rhineland-Palatinate’s Western region.