Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik consistently strives to offer products and services, which live up to the highest quality standards.

That’s why we volunteer for external audits on a regular basis, which have repeatedly certified our outstanding manufacturing standards.

You can find our latest certifications here.

AD 2000 – HP0

This certificate approves our production and quality assurance process for containers, tanks and components, which is conducted in accordance with technical guidelines.

AD 2000 – HP100R

Certificate AD2000-HP100R additionally confirms that our pipeline manufacturing process and the testing of those also satisfy technical standards.

DIN EN ISO 3834-2

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 describes the highest quality standards of welding technology. We have completed all corresponding verifications in this area.

EN 764-5 / AD 2000 HP0

This certificate grants us permission to transfer raw material labels within the scope of specific tests and analyses and confirms we have matched all quality criteria for this process.

DGRL Modul A2

This audit authorizes us to mark pressure equipment we have manufactured, which lies within the scope of this module, in according places with the corresponding label. Foundation of this audit is directive 2014/68/EU (Internal production control, including surveillance of acceptance, module A2).

Water Resources Act

With this certificate we are established as a specialized company under the Water Resources Act (WHG), which has been audited and approved.